German shepherd puppy

To paint this fluffy sheepdog appropriately, it’s best to use black and light brown colors for the fur! Shepherds are one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany and are known for their discipline and loyalty. You can find more coloring pages featuring other dog breeds at the following link:

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Beagle coloring page

You can use a mixture of light brown, white and dark brown colors for the fur of a beagle in this coloring page. Beagles have been used as hunting dogs in England, and their long ears are very recognizable. You can find more great coloring pages of other dog breeds here:

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Pug coloring page

Pugs have a very unique appearance due to their wrinkled face and flat muzzle. They are also one of the smaller dog breeds. Have fun with this coloring sheet! You can find more coloring pages for other dog breeds by clicking the following link:

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Dog Puppy “Max”

dog puppy max coloring page

Rule #1: Little puppies are the cutest creatures in the universe!Our little dog puppy “Max” just looks adorable on this coloring page, too. His spotty fur and collar is waiting to be colored in beautifully. Have fun!

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