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green whole broccoli as a coloring page

You will need the color green to help bring this broccoli painting to life. A light green is suitable for the lower stems and a dark green for the upper florets of the broccoli. On our site you will of course also find other similar coloring pictures, such as the one of a bell pepper […]

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drawing of a whole onion with skin

This coloring picture shows a typical onion, which has its place as an important flavor carrier in almost every dish in this world. You can decide whether you want to color the onion red or brown. Have fun with it!

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Sugar Snap Peas

single branch of a sugar snap pea as a coloring sheet

You’ ll also find other similar coloring pictures, such as the one of bananas or cherries. Sugar snap peas are particularly cool because you have to actually peel open the pea pod first to get to the little round peas. For coloring you need light green and dark green colors. I wish you a lot

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big carrot as printable coloring sheet

In order to color the carrot on this coloring sheet appropriately, you will need the color orange and of course green for the stalk at the top of the carrot. You can find more cool coloring pages from the category “Fruits and Vegetables” right here:

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White cabbage

drawing of a whole white cabbage

You can use different shades of light and dark green to create a color gradient for this white cabbage. White cabbage and kale is not a German discovery, but was already used as a good source of vitamins in ancient Rome as an ingredient for cooking. You can find more cool coloring pages from the

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Red beet

red beetroot with leafs coloring sheet

Judging by its appearance, you can identify a red beet (also known as turnips) only by its beet leaves with the typical red veins along the leaf. This is because the actual beet grows underground and therefore has to be pulled out before you can eat it. Beets are also known as superfoods due to

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Bell Pepper

Drawing of a bell pepper for coloring

Bell peppers are definitely one of the most versatile vegetables. They can be found in many dishes and salads in fried, cooked or raw form. To color the bell pepper on this coloring sheet you can use yellow, red or green colors! Oranges are similarly widespread. Click on the following link to view a beautiful

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bunch of grapes with leaves attached for drawing

This coloring page features a few perfectly shaped grapes. Purple or green are the best choice for coloring in the grapes. You can use a brown tone for the stem. Have fun! If you still crave other fruits, check out a coloring picture of a strawberry here.

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